The life and times of Brexit. Sirs.

I have recently turned to my collection of classic War Films of WW2 that are . Dunkirk JohnMills,The Cruel Sea Jack Hawkins and the Battle of Britain Micheal Caine.They show the exceptional circumstances that Britain was in at the out break of WW 2. And the way the nation joined as one and responded to the threat.

Europe had been conquered and with out Help we where as a nation on our own.With the circumstances of the Brexit vote I feel that we as a Nation are yet again on our own without no clear ideas of what will happen next.We seem to be sailing into Dark Waters in a rudderless ship without anyone at the helm and no charts to guide us.

The government of the day is arguing about things like education of the privileged Whilst children in our green and pleasant land are facing a lack of real meals and the disabled are rendered only fit for the old Fashioned Poor house situation not an ideal situation for the government of the day proposing it wants to be all things to all people.Social problems and Brexit solutions are joined at the hip.

Because of the Brexit situation the Government should join and create an emergency plan to join with other political Groups and knowledgable people to promote ideas and solutions to deal with the inevitable. Stormy Seas ahead of us with the coming of Brexit and our voyage into the unknown need a suitable response from a government that does not appear  To have any solutions or answers.


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